About us //

We offer a range of professional products and services that are tailored to clients in the areas of Enterprise IT, Imaging, SMEs and video production. 

Who we are?


We are made up of media and technology professionals. We strive to unlock your creativity and minimize the struggles of a technical world. Our understanding is based upon years of exceeding our clients’ expectations with our design / build process.

We accomplish this by doing extensive needs analysis and relationship building, usability testing, and one-on-one support after implementation.

We are experts in vertical segments that include system integration, networking and storage.

Combining this knowledge with a thorough understanding of media workflows and equipment, we have the perspective to implement solutions that integrate the technology and creative aspects of content creation and management.

Our specialties are content management systems, digital asset management, digital imaging, high-performance storage, hosting, SAN solutions, and video post-production.

What we do?

Our main rule is to search the right solution for our customers.

Happens that customers are aware of a problem. But many times they can't select from their own administration to give it a right solution.

In Media-Olam we concern about it, guiding the customer to correctly identify the problem and the necessary steps to solve these, wihout compromising customer's actual workflows.

Some of our services are:


System Arquitecture

Equipments, connectivity and storage systems. Transfer rates, system files, nearline and archiving systems. Integrations and deployment.

Storage Solutions

We offer a wide range of storage solutions, from a simple server up to storage clusters solutions based on zfs, gfs, gpfs file systems. Different RAID setups.

Work Flows Consulting

Work Flows design oriented to customer's arquitecture on MAM and DAM systems, through Workshops and daily meetings, tracking changes and new requirements.

Metadata Consulting

Dublin Core model adaptation to customer's requirements in a MAM/DAM system. Thesaurus, Dictionaries and Taxonomies development.