Consultancy //

We develop custom integrations between systems.  We design and build applications that can interact with our customer's onsite production systems.


During the first meeting with our customers, we analyze their current workflow and systems.  In collaboration with our customers we build a Statement of Work (SOW) where we indicate all the features and interaction that the application will have.  Based on the SOW, we schedule different meetings with our customers so to review each step and possible change of requirements.  

After the complete review of the SOW we build a Technical Document and start the project phase.  Before going live, we have a last meeting with our customers and we start a trial period, where we review all the functionalities of the application and assist our customers with training.  Finally, we go live.


We manage different technologies to build your Application. Wether is Web based, mobile, integrated or dependant of third parties.

If you have a project in mind and you need it completing reliably, you might like to consider us.

We understand and work with state-of-the-art technologies such us: Databases, including relational and object-oriented on different operating systems; Programming Languages, with strong development using Python.