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We offer a huge range of solutions for the Broadcast market. MAM Systems to Admistrate, Conform, Ingest and Distribute your assets.



MAM systems have evolved significantly, and the role of the archive has changed dramatically. MAM systems now can locate and track content throughout a facility. Broadcasters have created a new category of archived, shared-content storage, that often operates at the center of networked production facilities.

MAM systems have several functional areas, including ingest, annotation, cataloging, storage, retrieval and delivery. Although these are described linearly here, work may occur simultaneously in these areas.

Media Olam presents The Cantemo Portal MAM Solution, with different options, like a SaaS service or a full implementation that fits customer's needs


Ingest all types and formats of digital media in different ways for different workflows, including support for sidecar metadata with translation mappings.


  • HTML5 based uploader supports file chunking for very large files.
  • Manual import from monitored storage.
  • Automated watchfolder import.
  • Sidecar Metadata support.
  • Metadata XSLT translation support.
  • Ingest all file formats.
  • Automatic transcoding of supported formats.
  • Technical metadata extraction.
  • Upload entire folders to Portal


Once imported your are in control of your media and its metadata.

  •  Basic and advanced search.
  • Add and modify asset metadata.
  • Preview frame accurately with JKL key-bindings.
  • Share assets and manage access control lists.
  • Collections, projects, and saved searches.
  • Keep track of usage of assets in collections, sequences, and NLE projects.
  • File storage, movement and management.


With our strong web-based admin tools you can administer everything that you would expect in the easiest way possible.

  •  User and groups rights management
  •  Monitor job activities
  •  Manage transcoders and transcode profiles
  •  Storage management
  •  Export areas

Distribute and Export

Whether you deploy in the cloud or locally on-site we ensure that your content is fit for distribution and can be exported with ease.

  • Define re-usable export areas, S3, FTP, SFTP, HTTP, file copy, and more.
  • Export metadata with content.
  • Secure web-based download of media.
  • Tied into rights management.
  • Exports can be used in combination with transcode.

There is no limit to the possibilities of export. With our Apps and with our APIs you can define your own export and distribution workflows.



Define what capabilities your users have in the system, and define who gets to see what media you have uploaded. It's secure enough that you can keep competing clients media on the same system, separated by ACLs so that they will never be able to see one-anothers media.

  • Manual controls over the granularity of access.
  • Access controls on users or groups.
  • Sub-group can inherit ACLs to build complex permission structures.
  • Bulk update access controls.
  • Create pre-defined access rules for incoming media.

If you want more, check out our Apps - automated control of access.


Easy archiving is really important when dealing with a growing catalogue of media files, as is the ability to easily get an item back from archive whenever it is needed again.

  • The Cantemo Archive Framework ensures an easy and unified approach to integrating with third party archive solutions.
  • Assets can be archived and restored either manually, or automatically through metadata triggers using Rules Engine.
  • StorNext API is used natively to manage and archive assets in StorNext tiered storage and archive solution. Oracle DIVArchive and Archiware P5 also supported.
  • New archive integrations are easily added.



Products from software encoders for mobile phones and laptops to software based video distribution products



Tailor-made automated playout solutions: Easy to use, drag-and-drop interface which makes playout operations smooth and robust. Flexible operation modes to fit all broadcaster’s needs. Some features such as Play – Cue mode is specially designed for studio operations.

Action buttons, Incoming Video Preview, Thumbnail support, Sub-Playlist.  Perfect fit for Studio Playback or Master Control in TV Channels, Educational, and Governmental institutions as well as Web TV, IP TV, Satellite Teleports, City Channels and others.



2 Channel HD playout plus 2 Channel Single Profile Streaming is supported. Multi Profile Streaming is also available, supported formats are UDP, RTSP, RTMP and HTTP. Can also do format conversion, accept PAL from SDI and stream in NTSC frame rate with on the fly conversion.

Allows to stream directly to WOWZA and Adobe Media Servers. Can be also configured as a stand alone streaming device. Depending on the codec and profile, it can stream 4 Channels in single server.